Why Are So Many Millennials and First-Time Buyers Getting Left Behind?

Millennials represent the largest demographic group of first-time homebuyers,  yet in recent years,  according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), their share of home purchases has dropped to a 30-year low.   Why? . [Read More]

The Best of the 2014 Kitchen and Bath Show


There’s a different kind of cabin fever breaking out — the kind you catch when you’re stuck inside staring at your walls during a cold, wicked winter. When you realize you don’t have quite enough storage space. Or your kitchen is really dark and dingy. And your bathroom? Well, let’s not go there. . [Read More]

Big Flood Insurance Price Hikes Rescinded


Imagine getting an annual insurance bill in the mail that rose from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. That’s what happened to some homeowners across the country after Congress passed flood insurance reform legislation two years ago that raised premiums by more than 25% in a single year. . [Read More]

How Much Do You Love Your Home? Enough to Turn Down a Million Dollars?


Do you love your home as much as Edith Macefield, the 84-year-old Seattle woman whose story is remarkably similar to the plotline in the movie “Up”? She turned down a $1 million offer in 2006, then forced developers to build their five-story shopping mall around her little cottage. . [Read More]

Getting the Most Value Out of Your Outdoor Spaces

Walkway lighting, colorful plantings, and a tidy lawn are all features of good landscaping. And if you're selling, this kind of curb appeal can cut your home's time on the market by 10% to 15%. Image: August Landscape Design

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your yard, install what you love; but also pick upgrades that will increase your home’s value and, someday, attract buyers. . [Read More]

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